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Well, here it is. The start of a “long time coming” blog. I have always wanted to make a blog, simply because I love sharing my ideas and helping other people. The purpose of this first post is just to tell you a little bit about me, my life, and what I plan for this blog to be. Enjoy.

First off, I am from Alabaster, a suburban city 30 minutes south of the beautiful Birmingham, Alabama (pictured above). I have also lived in Laurel, Mississippi as well as Auburn, Alabama but I have never moved out of the south. There is nothing I don’t love about being southern. From the hot summers and warm winters (lol), and the insane love of football, to the countless nature related activities all in your back yard.

Above, you can see probably the worst picture ever taken of me and my parents (kidding..but not really) but my mother hates pictures so this is probably 1 of 2 in my lifetime with both of my parents. I am an only child which is such a rare occurrence in the south, but here I am! Both of my parents grew up in the Birmingham area and went to school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where my mother chartered a sorority and my father started the football team, the perfect couple. I nonetheless did not follow in their collegiate footsteps and when I graduated in 2015 I moved further south to attend Auburn University. While at Auburn I joined a sorority, played womens rugby, and thoroughly enjoyed SEC football at its finest.

Fortunately (and unfortunately at the same time) God had completely different plans for my life. After struggling with severe back pain for a year I sucked it up and went to the doctor where I discovered I had degenerative disc disease. This is a relatively common problem among the population…but not the 19 year old population. Multiple MRI’s and a ruptured disc later I was forced with a lumbar discectomy at the ripe age of 19.

literally my best friend and my rock through this whole situation

I continued to attend Auburn University until December 2016 where I decided the best decision for my health, my future career, and honestly my mental sanity was to move back home and attend community college. Currently I am attending Jefferson State Community College and pursuing a Nursing degree. I plan to start nursing school January 2018. After this I want to advance my degree to a bachelors online and then attend UAB (my parents alumni) to receive my Nurse Practitioner License.

For this blog my plans are simple but my goals are high. I hope to share some of the random helpful thoughts, tips, and lessons I have learned and continue to learn. Although I may be a youngin’ I have been told I have an old soul which I hope portrays through this blog.

Thank you for spending the time to learn about me, if you just skipped to the bottom and looked at the pictures, I totally get that too. Until next time.

XO Kaitlyn

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