5 Ways To Get Organized And Declutter To Increase Your GPA.

We’ve all been there, the second semester slump (that really started 3 months ago but we didn’t have an excuse then). Even though you have new classes and professors you just can’t seem to get yourself in the same “excited” mood that you had after summer break and usually your grades suffer because of this. Well, I’m here to give you some good news…I have five fun and cute ways that just might help you get over that slump AND possibly increase your GPA! It worked for me so I hope it works for you.

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1. Set Up A “Me Space”

In the pictures above you will see my “home office space”. This is just a small section of my room that I have set apart for just work. I have everything I need here to do homework, study, and blog! You don’t need a big space to work, just big enough to hold all of your essentials so you can sit down and get to work. In the up close pictures you will see some of my favorite desk essentials. A printer of course, I have gone through so many printers I can’t even count but this HP ENVY 5530 has by far been the best as far as ink usage and price goes. Plus it prints wirelessly which is awesome. My second favorite essential is my Amazon Echo Dot. I was skeptical at first but now I couldn’t live without it. I can ask it to play music for me, tell me the weather when I wake up, or even ask it to define a word I don’t understand while studying. Of course, I also have other essentials like a pen holder, notepad, cord holder, stapler, and a picture of the Pope to inspire me while I study (I am really just hoping his grace will shower me while I struggle through Anatomy).

2. Get A Planner

The “optionality” of this main point really just is not there. You almost have to have some kind of planner to be successful in college unless you have some genius mind that remembers everything. Yes, teachers are required to give you a syllabus but who really keeps up with every single one you’re given? Not me. I personally prefer a written planner like the one above from Erin Condren which is pricey, yes, but I just can’t use anything else. I know plenty of people who have had success simply using their phone calendar but if you want a tangible planner, this is a great start! Plus there are so many cute designs and options for customization.

As you can see, there is a weekly spread that is big enough for everything you need to write down. I separate my three boxes into morning, lunch, and evening times. When customizing your planner you can also change the layout to your wants and needs. Unfortunately, they do not come decorated as elaborately as this, but I do enjoy a cute planner.

3. A File Cabinet

You probably just reverted to 1970’s America. I know what you’re thinking, a file cabinet?? Thats so old school. Well it works. This file cabinet has been used since high school and has every paper, homework assignment, study guide, and miscellaneous crap I have ever scribbled on a piece of paper filed in it. One perk of this is being able to go back and go through old papers and possibly reuse them (but don’t tell anyone I said that). The major perk of this is never losing anything. I have never received a wrong grade or had a teacher “lose my work” because I always had a copy in here. It may seem like overkill but I swear it can save your life.

4. Track Your Grades

Image Courtesy of justagirlandherblog.com

*All images are courtesy of justagirlandherblog.com*

One of the biggest downfalls that people face in college is being unaware of their grades. This is not always attributed to the student as sometimes professors are very lax on posting grades. I understand that almost all grades are posted on an online grade book where you can keep up with your grades but as a bonus, I like to keep up with mine on my own terms with this super awesome grade tracker that I found on justagirlandherblog.com. The benefits of doing this are that you personally keep up with your grades, forcing you to actually look at them as well as realize where you are in the class and how you are doing. She also has some other cool completely free downloads on her blog that I recommend checking out as well!

5. Set A Routine

This is the number one tip that saved my life. Routine can change your attitude, your work ethic, and your overall success. Be sure to have a morning routine, a homework routine, a night routine, and most importantly a REST routine. By setting a certain time to wake up daily, you can increase your success for getting things done instead of pressing snooze ten times. Setting aside a certain time of day, say 6-9pm for homework will ensure that you are not disturbed and can get all the work you need to get done. I hope to be posting a blog post soon that has to do with how I went from sleeping in every day until 10 or 11 and still requiring a nap to waking up at 8am daily and feeling energized all day. It is safe to say that routine changed my attitude as well as my social and academic life.

I hope that the tips above were of some value to you and I hope you will share with your friends and peers! Until next time.

XO Kaitlyn

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