34 Things They Never Told You About College, So I am.

They never told you that…

There will be nights where you cry yourself to sleep from missing home

Living in a dorm is not “fun” it is absolutely miserable

You won’t be able to make it to your 8am, so don’t even sign up

When you see that online class that looks so tempting, avoid it like the plague. You won’t pass.

You’ll have to get used to eating alone, for almost every meal

You’ll also have to get used to rationing your food, because your meal card doesn’t last like you think

When you dress up and wear makeup to class, you will get funny looks (who does this civilized girl think she is??)

There will be people that don’t like you and they will let you know. 3 words, let it go.

You will apply for 15 on campus organizations and not get into any of them, don’t give up.

You will go from being a straight A student to barely passing (high school does not prepare you for college)

You will cry…a lot…when you look at textbook prices (p.s. renting saves lives)

You’ll change your major

Then you’ll change it back

Then you’ll get so excited to go to your first “major related” class, you’ll go…and you’ll hate it

So you’ll change your major again

Then you’ll realize you’ve just added a year on to your graduation time, and you’ll cry

But then you’ll realize all your friends did the same thing, so I guess we’re all stuck in this together

You’ll meet a guy downtown and tell all your friends you’ll marry him and he will never call you (trust me, thats a good thing)

You’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without the daily naps you take now that you’re a hard working college kid

You’ll spend more time wondering how not to have a mental breakdown about failing a test than you do studying for said test

But they also never told you…

That as many nights as you fall asleep in your own tears, you will stay up laughing with your friends

Living in a dorm sucks, but convenience is key

Even though you’ll never make it to your 8am, theres a 90% better chance you’ll make it to a 9am (maybe)

You’ll take that class you saw online, in person, and realize that if you took it online you never would have met the super hot professor! (true story, my personal testimony)

You’ll learn to love eating alone because you can listen to music and eat at the same time, its amazing

When rationing your food you will realize that you might also cut down on some pounds (if you’re lucky)

When you finally realize that nobody dresses up for class, you’ll be the most comfortable hobo on campus, and everyone will applaud you (I’ve actually seen this happen)

There will be people that hate you, but there will also be that guy that comes up to you and wants to be friends simply because y’all have the same laptop sticker.

You will bond with others over textbook price misery, and maybe even start a protest (that seems to be a popular resolution these days)

After you’ve changed your major from Pre-Vet to Fashion Design to Culinary you’ll realize where your true passions lie

The extra year you added on to graduation? Thats an extra year still living under your parents finances, yay!

You’ll meet a good guy (probably not downtown) who will take you on real dates, and treat you like a woman. Yes, this actually happens people.

Those daily naps really increase your mood

That test you thought you failed? Surprise you passed! By one point….but hey, C’s get degrees, right?



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