Interview With Bailey Callahan // Up and Coming Country Music Star

This week I had the honor of emailing back and forth with Bailey Callahan, an up and coming country music singer. I was amazed when I heard her voice that she was only 16 years old, so I had to get the story behind her music. Below you can read the interview I had with Bailey, I hope you enjoy her as much as I did!

All pictures were provided by Bailey Callahan’s official site

1. Start by telling me what made you decide to go into country music, what drew you to this genre?

“I was always a songwriter before the guitar playing and singing came along. I would sit in my room and write songs about my family, etc. I think thats why I was so drawn to Taylor Swift. I started playing guitar around the time her Fearless album came out and I was obsessed! After writing love songs, fully learning how to play guitar, and wanting to become the next big singer I think going in the country direction was just natural for me. There wasn’t a specific reason for me going country. Everyone just assumed because being a country singer was almost like second nature to me.”

2. I noticed that you are only 16 years old, how do you juggle being a normal teenager while trying to also become a country music star?

“Thats a good question! Sometimes I feel like I’ll just keep going and going and never stop doing things to pursue my career. I write a list every morning of the things I have to do and theres always so much on my plate. I also went full time virtual schooling, so I don’t go to an actual high school anymore. Like I stated, I do a lot for my music but I’m a workaholic and I never wanna stop doing things for my career. But, I will say I had prom blocked off on my calendar for 4 months so I don’t get booked for a show on that date, or I drive to the beach, and hang out with friends.
I work towards chasing my dream almost every second of the day but I always stop and make time for the other things that I’m passionate about.”

3. What is your favorite song that you have released thus far and why?

“Thats such a hard question because all my songs I love the same! My upcoming record, “Too Far Gone” comes out in the summer. I have been planning and writing songs for the for over 3 years. If I really had to chose I would say theres a song on that record called “Three Times Now.”
In that song I went through such a personal experience and I love that my producer really made it come to life!”

4. I also noticed that you post a lot of vlogs and videos of you doing cover songs. These seem to be really popular among your fans, do you think you will ever actually record and release these covers?

“Theres always a possibility but I think I rather stick to releasing my own songs rather than covers. I think theres something thats unique with trying to create a song from the ground up and really make it come to life rather than just re-recording a song that was already popular.”

5. You call your fans “Callafans” which is a play off of your last name. How did this start?

“This is such an interesting story because my fans really created this name by themselves without any suggestion from me! I posted something on my Facebook page about what I should call my fan base. Between you and me I wanted my fan base to become either the “Bae’s” or the “Cali’s” but that didn’t work out. Right away my fans kept commenting that they should be called the “Callafans.”
One thing I’ve realized is that my fans are never wrong so after that I just went along with it!
Looking back on it, I’ve realized that “Callafans” does have a nice ring to it :)”

6. If you could name one artist who has the most impact on your career, who would it be?

“TAYLOR SWIFT! She is the reason why I am the songwriter, singer, guitar player, and person I am today. I look up to her as such a role model and a fan of course. She is so talented and will forever be my favorite singer and influencer.”

7. Lastly, if a young singer came to you for advice on how to get started in the business, what would you say?

“I would tell them OPEN MIC NIGHTS!!! When I was 10 I would go to open mic nights like it was a religion. Not only would I be able to practice covers or my new originals, but I would become more comfortable in front of people and I would get exposure out of it! I also got my first gig out of playing at an open mic night. When I was 11 I got booked to play at a little pizza place and I and loved it!”

So there you have it y’all! Bailey is such a sweet and genuine person, it was an honor to get to interview her and I can’t wait to see her make it big!

I have uploaded my personal favorite song of Bailey’s below!

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