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For my second edition of Hometown Focus, I linked up with a local Birmingham business City Bee Company, a business that provides products such as skin care and local honey. I was able to get a little more information about the company, which you can read about below. Enjoy!

All photos were provided by the City Bee Company or retrieved from their site. All comments are direct quotes from the company itself.

How The Company Started

“When we renovated the building downtown that would become our townhouse, the plan was to have a deck and an area to do container gardening. The first year, I planted just flowers. The second year I decided to add different vegetables to the garden. I ended up with some of the prettiest tomatoes, squash and cucumber plants anyone has ever seen. However, I didn’t get any vegetables!

After talking to some folks and doing some online research, I soon realized that these plants needed to be pollinated to produce. The bees didn’t know the plants and flowers were up there that high.

At that point I started making preparations to install two the following year. Long story short, after getting the beehives, not only did I get a nice little crop of vegetables, I also had honey!!

What started out as a hobby with two beehives, is now 28 hives. Three of those hives are on the roof, and the others are located in different parts of Birmingham. That is how City Bee Company was born.”

About The Product

“City Bee Company practices all-natural urban beekeeping. Our methods do not use chemicals or additives to the hives, honey, or wax. We avoid unnecessary hive manipulations so commonly used to increase production or elicit certain behaviors from the bees.

Our honey harvesting is done responsibly to ensure that enough honey is left on the hive for the bees. We choose to do this so that they can feed on their own natural food source, rather than supplementing feedings using unhealthy sugars or high fructose corn syrup.

Because we use no chemicals in our beekeeping, the wax, honey, and other hive by-products are chemical free. This, along with our all-natural ingredients makes all City Bee Company products 100% natural and as nature intended.
All City Bee Company products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure consistency in our commitment to quality.”

Missions and Principles

· To create products that are pure, natural, and of the highest quality, which are based on materials from our responsible, sustainable, urban beekeeping.
· To operate a business that enjoys success because of the Golden Rule, not in spite of it, and allows all involved to find enjoyment, purpose, and fulfillment in their contribution, participation, and association.

· To maintain an environment that supports our employees and those we serve so that all involved may realize their full potential.

· To support and practice only responsible, sustainable beekeeping in our urban settings and away from potential exposure to agricultural chemicals, poisons, alterations, and pesticides.

· To always remain environmentally responsible, to be honest, and to act with integrity in everything we do.

· To hand make products worthy of those we love and then share them with everyone.

The Product

“City Bee Company produces and sells artisanal honeys which is Creamed Honey and our Sweet Heat Chili Pepper Infused Honey, along with a line of all-natural, chemical & preservative skin care products. Our products can be found and purchased at many area retailers as well as our website.”

I personally purchased the Busters Paw Balm which is a salve for your puppies rough paw pads. My dog has a major issue with this and I feel so bad for her cracking paws I had to try it. I had a friend refer me to City Bee for the balm and cannot wait to try it out! I will definitely be trying other products especially the local honey which is very good for curing allergies!

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I hope you enjoyed learning more about the City Bee Company and will explore and try their products!




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