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For this weeks Hometown Focus I linked up with some good friends of mine, The Frye family. They run a family farm titled Alleluia Acres and offer some really great product. I hope you enjoy learning more about them below!

All pictures were provided by Alleluia Acres and all descriptions are direct quotes from the owners.

Pictures above is Cam Frye and one of the farm hands, Brinks

Where God Made A Farmer // The History Of Alleluia Acres

“Alleluia Acres is a heritage breed farm started by Cam and Ahna Frye in 2014. We are located on ten acres of family farmland on the outskirts of Alabaster, Alabama. Our farming dream started several years ago while we were still dating. Ahna had always dreamed of operating a farm but did not think Cam shared the same vision. One day during church service the name of our future farm was revealed to us through a hymn. As we were praying over our future and the potential of starting a farm Ahna stumbled upon the verse Deuteronomy 28:11 which states: “The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity–in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground–in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you.” This verse became the focus of our farm and is in everything we do. Our farm slogan, “Where God made a Farmer,” was thought up by Cam himself shortly after. After lots of prayer, a few months time, and a wedding, Alleluia Acres was born.”

The Livestock

“When we decided to start the farm we knew wanted to raise animals that would make us unique. After some research we decided that we wanted to raise heritage breeds. Heritage breeds are breeds that have been around for generations upon generations. These are the animals that farmers used to raise before things became commercialized. In our search for heritage breed animals we found the Livestock Conservancy. The Livestock Conservancy tracks and logs all of the heritage breed animals in the United States, many of which are endangered. All of the livestock we currently have, and will have in the future, are on the Livestock Conservancy list and vary from critical to recovering in population.”

“We currently raise Oberhasli dairy goats, Tamworth hogs, American Chinchilla rabbits, Welsh Harlequin ducks, and Dominique chickens. Our farm is still in the growing stages with everything from the livestock to the pasture fencing and barn building. We have plans to add cattle and turkeys, as well as additional poultry and hog breeds, in the future. Our goal as a heritage farm is to make others aware of the heritage breeds while rebuilding their population and farming the way things used to be, like God intended.”

The Product

“We currently offer nonGMO, Soy-Free raw goat milk. We are steadily growing our farm and will have our first nonGMO, Soy-Free, pasture raised pork available for purchase in the fall. We plan to grow our poultry population this year as well so that we can offer free-range chicken and duck eggs soon.”

Final Comments

I have known Cam and Ahna for about 2 years and in this time have seen their farm grow as well as their love for their livestock. I can personally tell you that the livestock are taken care of as if they were family, and I ensure this product is of the highest quality.

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