Trip To Tupelo // Dierks Bentley Concert 2/24/17

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Tupelo, MS to see Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, and LANco perform at the Bancorp South Arena. I have pictures and links to music below, enjoy!

I have made it my goal to attend at least one show from each of Dierks Bentley’s tours. So far I have seen him 4 times, once was at a festival so not his tour, but other than that I have seen him on his ‘HOME’ tour, ‘BLACK’ tour, and now his ‘What The Hell’ tour. Each time I have seen him, he only gets better.

I have been to this arena a few times for concerts and I just really love it. It is smaller than my hometown arena (Birmingham BJCC) so it feels little more personal, I love the city of Tupelo (we almost moved there when I was younger), and it is also a really calm concert arena which is really nice.

I was stoked when I ordered the tickets not only to be able to see Dierks Bentley again but to see Cole Swindle again (I have seen him at a festival as well), also on the line up was Jon Pardi which I was excited about. Unfortunately he could not make this show and they replaced him with LANco who opened, Ill start with them first.

Honestly, I was so bummed that Jon Pardi wasn’t going to be at this show because I love his voice. I had only heard one song by LANco, “Long Live Tonight“, it has hit some radio stations and you might recognize it. When they came out they had really great energy and put on a good show. There voices were really REALLY good and I am now obsessed with the song “Greatest Love Story“. I even bought a shirt, so I am definitely a new fan!

Next was Cole Swindell and I was pumped. My parents, who went with me, also got excited because they knew a lot more of his songs than they even realized. He put on a great show but my favorite part was when he told everyone about some songs he had written for friends that we “might recognize”. He then started singing Luke Bryan’s hit “Roller Coaster“, then Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some of That“, and ended with Florida Georgia Line’s “This Is How We Roll“. It was so cool to hear him singing popular songs that he had written, I almost liked them better by him!

Next, of course, was Dierks Bentley. He started off with “Up On The Ridge” which I have come to find he starts every show with. Of course he was amazing, he sang all his popular songs and even some that weren’t on the radio, which I love because I literally love every single one of his songs produced…

My favorite part of every show I have been to of his is that he has a stage in the back set up. Towards the end of the show he gets off stage, walks to the back where the people furthest away from the stage are, and sets up to sing. He sings a couple songs then goes back to the front. I think its super cool that he allows people who cannot get or afford front row tickets to have a more up close show. He has done this in every show I’ve been to.

I walked away with a new Dierks Bentley shirt as well as a LANco shirt and a new appreciation for their music. I just found out that Dierks Bentley will be doing a show right down the road from me, it was just added to his tour, so I might be attending that one too, no shame in my game.

I have linked every song listed to a youtube video so you can listen to that song directly, all you have to do is click on it!

What is your favorite concert you’ve ever been to? Tell me in the comments!



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