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So a few weeks ago I was searching the internet for reviews on Hello Fresh and other food delivery services. My boyfriend loves to cook but neither of us a have a lot of time from work and school so this seemed like the perfect way for us to spend some quality time together and do something fun! So I stumbled across a blog (I feel awful because I do not remember the name to give her credit) who had a $30 off coupon for Hello Fresh so I decided to go for it.

The first thing you will see is which plan you want, there is a Classic Plan which feeds two or four adults and is $9.99 a meal. With the classic plan you get to choose to receive 3, 5, or 6 meals a week. If you choose any less than 6, you will be able to hand pick which meals of the 6 available you want to receive. The second option is the Veggie Plan which feeds two or four adults for 3 meals, is $9.99 a meal and has no meat involved. The last plan is the Family Plan which feeds four people, is $8.74 a meal, and you can either receive 2 or 3 meals a week.

Whew, now that the nitty gritty details are done I will tell you about my experience. I chose the Classic plan for 3 meals for the week. I made a list of concerns I was worried about before so I could see if they checked off. My concerns were:

Delivery would not be quality and my food wouldn’t be fresh when it arrived

The portion sizes would be super small

The food would just be gross

So I ordered my meal on a Saturday which means I had to wait a week for my box because the upcoming week had already shipped, but I received my box on Monday the 27th around 11:00am. I was at school and had work until 10pm so I was very concerned my food would be ruined when I got home. As soon as I got home at about 10:15, I opened the box and everything was still ice cold which checked off my first concern. Everything was neatly packed into three small boxes and then three air tight bags of meat so it took up basically no room in the refrigerator which was a definite plus.

Each meal comes with a box of ingredients, an air tight bag of meat, and a recipe sheet that has instructions and nutritional facts on it (which is awesome so I can save and cook later if i love the meal!)

Meal 1 // Tater Tot Topped Pie

This was a healthier spin on chicken pot pie which I was excited about because I love chicken pot pie but have recently gone gluten-free which means no more pot pie for me.

I liked all of the ingredients except mushrooms but we cooked them anyway. It didn’t take long at all and the directions are very clear, I was skeptical about mine turning out like the picture but it actually did!

It contained more than enough for two people and I was stuffed at the end. Surprisingly it was only 670 calories per serving which is awesome for a dinner meal. I was very pleased and excited to try our second meal.

Meal 2 // Butter-Basted Sirloin Steak

This looked so good from the picture even though I had no clue what a parsnip was and hate spinach, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. This meal was a sirloin for each person, creamed spinach, and parsnip fries.

The parsnips looked like carrots but we cut and baked them like french fries. Everything else was quick and easy and was only 650 calories!

Surprisingly I loved this meal. The parsnip fries had the same taste as a sweet potato fry and the creamed spinach was actually really good. This portion size was MORE than enough and we even had a little left over!

Meal 3 // Sweet N Smoky Pork Chops

I was the least excited about this meal because while I like pork chops, they are my least favorite meat and I absolutely despise brussel sprouts, but I had liked everything before so I figured this would be the same.

This meal had a lot of sweet and citrusy elements to it like a green apple, lemon juice, and dried cranberries. The pork chops were blackened and the brussel sprout hash was mixed with apple slices, lemon juice, and dried cranberries. The sweet potatoes were just made into fries.

This was my least favorite meal, while the hash was tolerable I didn’t like it. Everything else was very good though but I am not a huge fan of sweet meals for dinner.


Overall I thought Hello Fresh was amazing. It forced me to eat things I never would think of eating and I actually liked them, plus they were healthy. Everything was easy to cook and tasted so good. The meat was high quality which I was concerned about, but it was better than your average supermarket meat for sure. All of my concerns were disproven as well! I will definitely be ordering again in the near future.

Special Offer

Now this is where it gets good! If you use the referral code below, you get $40 off your first week of meals! Thats really a steal honestly, and you can cancel anytime so if you don’t like it NO WORRIES!


Have you tried Hello Fresh or another food delivery service? Let me know how you liked it in the comments below!



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